Data theft puts LPL clients at risk

Data theft puts LPL clients at risk
Data theft puts LPL clients at risk 

By Bruce Kelly
Investment News
April 11, 2010

LPL Financial yet again has fallen prey to a technology blunder that 
placed private client information at risk. 

An unencrypted portable hard drive was stolen from the car of an LPL 
representative Feb. 24, according to a letter sent last month by LPL to 
the attorney general of New Hampshire. The adviser, Christian D'Urso of 
StoneRidge Wealth Management in Beaverton, Ore., had one client in New 
Hampshire, the letter said.

As a result of the theft, private client information, including names, 
addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers .may have been 
breached,. Marc Loewenthal, LPL's senior vice president and chief 
security and privacy officer, wrote in the letter.

This isn't the first time LPL has had to deal with a security lapse 
involving one of its reps. In 2007, the firm reported that computer 
hackers had compromised the login passwords of 14 financial advisers and 
four assistants [1]. 



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