Will DNSSEC kill your internet?

Will DNSSEC kill your internet?
Will DNSSEC kill your internet? 

By Kevin Murphy 
The Register
13th April 2010 

Internet users face the risk of losing their internet connections on 5 
May when the domain name system switches over to a new, more secure 

While the vast majority of users are expected to endure the transition 
to DNSSEC smoothly, users behind badly designed or poorly configured 
firewalls, or those subscribing to dodgy ISPs could find themselves 
effectively disconnected.

DNSSEC adds digital signatures to normal DNS queries, substantially 
reducing the risk of falling victim to man-in-the-middle attacks such as 
the Kaminsky exploit, which caused widespread panic in July 2008.

The standard is currently being rolled out cautiously to the internet's 
DNS root servers. In May, when all 13 roots are signed, anybody with an 
incompatible firewall or ISP will know about it, because they won't be 
able to find websites or send email.


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