Cyberwar Nominee Sees Gaps in Law

Cyberwar Nominee Sees Gaps in Law
Cyberwar Nominee Sees Gaps in Law 

By Thom Shanker
The New York Times
April 14, 2010

WASHINGTON -- The Army intelligence officer nominated to lead the 
Pentagon's new command devoted to warfare in cyberspace has warned 
Congress that policy directives and legal controls over digital combat 
are outdated and have failed to keep pace with the military's technical 

The officer, Lt. Gen. Keith B. Alexander, wrote to members of the Senate 
Armed Services Committee that computer network warfare was evolving so 
rapidly that there was a "mismatch between our technical capabilities to 
conduct operations and the governing laws and policies."

As he prepared for a confirmation hearing on Thursday as the first head 
of the Cyber Command, he pledged that the White House and Pentagon were 
"working hard to resolve the mismatch."

In a 32-page response to questions from senators, General Alexander 
sketched out the broad battlefield envisioned for the computer warfare 
command and acknowledged the kind of targets that his new headquarters 
could be ordered to attack.


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