Oracle Updates Solaris (and Everything Else) for Security

Oracle Updates Solaris (and Everything Else) for Security
Oracle Updates Solaris (and Everything Else) for Security 

[So does this patch update mean Iron Man is now really 
'Unbreakable'? - WK] 

By Sean Michael Kerner
April 14, 2010

Oracle is moving quickly to secure its new Sun Microsystems technology 
assets. In the first Critical Patch Update (CPU) from Oracle (NASDAQ: 
ORCL) since it completed its acquisition of Sun, the database giant is 
providing 16 fixes for Sun products, five of which are specific to the 
Solaris operating system.

In total, 47 vulnerabilities across Oracle's product lines are being 
patched as part of the company's April 2010 CPU -- the latest in 
Oracle's quarterly roundup of patches.

"With the recent close of the Sun acquisition, both security 
organizations have worked diligently to align Sun's previous security 
practices with Oracle's," Eric Maurice, manager for security in Oracle's 
global technology business unit, wrote in a blog post. "The rapid 
inclusion of the Solaris product lines in the Critical Patch Update and 
the extension of Oracle Software Security Assurance to Sun technologies 
are evidence of the flexibility of Oracle's security assurance 

Maurice added that having a predictable patching schedule helps to 
provide security benefits for all Oracle users. With past acquisitions, 
Oracle has also rapidly integrated its new technologies into its CPU 
process. One example is that Oracle first began adding BEA products to 
the CPU in July 2008, just seven months after Oracle acquired the 


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