iPad Used To Govern Norway -- But What About Security?

iPad Used To Govern Norway -- But What About Security?
iPad Used To Govern Norway -- But What About Security? 

By Jennifer LeClaire
Sci-Tech Today
April 16, 2010 

Norway Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg used his brand-new Apple iPad to 
govern from a New York airport. But Stoltenberg may not have been aware 
of the security risks of not using his hardened government phone. While 
Apple got some free iPad publicity, Stoltenberg's endorsement also 
carried the risk of Apple being blamed for a security breach.

Norway's prime minister is using the iPad to remotely govern his nation. 
According to a report by The Associated Press, Prime Minister Jens 
Stoltenberg started using his brand-new iPad while stuck at a New York 
airport on Thursday. His flight was canceled due to a volcanic ash cloud 
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"When we were in the U.S., it was one of several tools that he used to 
keep in touch with the office back in Norway, to do his work," Trude 
Maaseide, a spokesperson for the prime minister, told the AP. 
Stoltenberg was in town for President Barack Obama's nuclear summit.

Running the iGovernment

Photos of Stoltenberg reading content on his iPad at Kennedy Airport 
during the delay are circulating the Internet. Many are discussing the 
prime minister's move away from a laptop, netbook or even a smartphone 
to keep up with e-mail and other tasks while stranded. But some analysts 
are saying what appears to be a profitable publicity win for Apple could 
backfire on the iPad maker.


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