Miners targeted in Chinese cyber attacks

Miners targeted in Chinese cyber attacks
Miners targeted in Chinese cyber attacks 

By MIS Financial Review
21 April 2010

AUSTRALIA - Three major Australian mining companies have been the 
targets of Chinese cyber attacks, with one coming around the time of 
Stern Hu's arrest there on bribery and spying charges.

ABC Television's Four Corners program on Monday said mining giants BHP 
Billiton, Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals Group had all been the subject 
of cyber attacks emanating from China.

One, targeting Rio's computer network, happened around the time of Hu's 
arrest in July.

Hu last month was sentenced by a Shanghai court to 10 years in jail for 
taking bribes and stealing commercial secrets.

A Rio spokesman said the issues involved were "sensitive" and refused to 
talk about them, however former employees and senior government sources 
confirmed the attack did happen.

The company is said to have thought it serious enough to take their 
Singapore office offline for almost three days following Hu's arrest, so 
it could upgrade network security.


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