UW-Platteville investigating potential security breach

UW-Platteville investigating potential security breach
UW-Platteville investigating potential security breach 

By Andrew Brunner 
Exponent Online
April 22, 2010 

An investigation is underway about a potential breach of secure 
information at UW-Platteville.

Barb Daus, public information officer* at UW-P, confirmed this week that 
the university is investigating a potential breach in security, but 
would not confirm what exactly was breached. Daus did say that the 
student information system (PASS), employee records and financial 
records for the university were not compromised.

Daus said that the investigation is being held internally through the 
human resources department. She would not say if the investigation had 
also been passed on to law enforcement or if charges had been filed 
against those involved.

This information comes three weeks after the Exponent received word from 
a source close to the situation that an emergency meeting was held for 
all Office of Information Technology staff. At this meeting it was 
announced that someone within the networking department in OIT had done 
something "bad" and was being removed from the position. It was also 
announced that Andrew Krueger, academic computer support specialist for 
the college of BILSA, was being moved to networking to fill the void.

Daus said the names of those involved with the potential breach could 
not be released for personnel reasons and possible hindrances to the 
investigation. She also said she could not comment as to whether or not 
those involved have been put on leave or are still working at UW-P.

"What is most important is that no student information, no human 
resources information and no university financial information has been 
compromised," Daus said. "I only know what information is not involved."

Daus said she has released all the information she can on the incident 
and that more information will not be released until the investigation 
is over. She had no time line on the investigation.

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* Correction (4/22/2010): Daus's official title is Public Information 
  Officer, not Chief Information Officer as previously reported.

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