FBI Names Cyber Division Chief

FBI Names Cyber Division Chief
FBI Names Cyber Division Chief 

By Elizabeth Montalbano
April 26, 2010

The FBI has a new chief responsible for leading the agency's efforts to 
detect and prevent cyberattacks on U.S. critical infrastructure.

Gordon M. Snow is now assistant director of the FBI's Cyber Division, 
replacing Shawn Henry, who left the post in January to lead the FBI's 
Washington Field Office.

Snow most recently was deputy assistant director of the Cyber Division. 
He has been with the FBI for more than 18 years, starting out as a 
special agent in Alabama in 1992.

Snow gained significant cybersecurity experience in 2006 as an assistant 
special agent working in Silicon Valley. At San Francisco Division's San 
Jose Resident Agency, he was responsible for the counterterrorism, 
cyber, white-collar crime and violent crime squads. AdTech Ad

After a brief stint in Afghanistan the next year, Snow returned to the 
U.S. and was appointed section chief in the Cyber Division in January 
2008. In that role, he led the effort to draft a government-wide Cyber 
Counterintelligence Plan.


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