Distinguished Speakers and Dates: 2010 ACM Cloud Computing Security (CCSW) is back !

Distinguished Speakers and Dates: 2010 ACM Cloud Computing Security (CCSW) is back !
Distinguished Speakers and Dates: 2010 ACM Cloud Computing Security (CCSW) is back !

Forwarded from: Radu Sion 

2010 ACM Cloud Computing Security Workshop (CCSW) at CCS

9 October 2010, Hyatt Regency Chicago 

Dear Colleagues, 

CCSW is back! The 2009 workshop was a tremendous success, with 80+ 
people in the audience, several sponsors (NSF, Microsoft), 5 invited 
talks (Whitfield Diffie, Ian Foster, Peter Mell, Lenore Zuck, Kristin 
Lauter) and excellent papers. This year we hope you will join us in yet 
another successful event.

This year's SPEAKERS (preliminary list) are:


Leendert van Doorn
AMD Senior Fellow 

Eric Grosse
Google Security Engineering Director 

Steve Riley
Amazon Web Services Sr. Technical Program Manager

Michael Waidner
IBM Chief Technology Officer for Security
IBM Distinguished Engineer 


Notwithstanding the latest buzzword (grid, cloud, utility computing, 
SaaS, etc.), large-scale computing and cloud-like infrastructures are 
here to stay. How exactly they will look like tomorrow is still for the 
markets to decide, yet one thing is certain: clouds bring with them new 
untested deployment and associated adversarial models and 
vulnerabilities. CCSW aims to bring together researchers and 
practitioners in all security aspects of cloud-centric and outsourced 
computing, including (but not limited to):

+ secure resource virtualization
+ secure data management outsourcing
+ practical privacy & integrity for outsourcing
+ foundations of cloud-centric threat models
+ secure computation outsourcing
+ remote attestation mechanisms
+ sandboxing and VM-based enforcements
+ trust and policy management in clouds
+ secure identity management mechanisms
+ web service security paradigms and mechanisms
+ cloud-centric regulatory compliance
+ business & security risk models and clouds
+ cost & usability models and their interaction with security in clouds
+ scalability of security in global-size clouds
+ trusted computing technology and clouds
+ binary analysis of software for remote attestation and cloud protection
+ network security mechanisms for clouds
+ emerging cloud programming models security
+ energy/costs/efficiency of security in clouds

We would like to especially encourage novel paradigms and controversial 
ideas that are not on the above list. The workshop is to act as a 
fertile ground for creative debate and interaction in security-sensitive 
areas of computing impacted by clouds.

CCSW is soliciting full papers of up to 12 pages and short papers of up 
to 6 pages. Submissions must be in double-column ACM format with a font 
no smaller than 10 point (note: pages must be numbered). Only PDF files 
will be accepted. Submissions not meeting these guidelines risk 
rejection without consideration of their merits. Accepted papers will be 
published by ACM Press and/or the ACM Digital Library.

*** Both research and position/vision/white papers are invited ***

Submissions must not substantially overlap with papers that have been 
published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a 
conference with proceedings. All authors and their affiliations must be 

Proposals for panels are also solicited. The proposals are to be 
concise, up to 2 pages in length, describe the handled topics, name 
potential panelists and briefly scope the panel for CCSW. Disruptive and 
controversial panels are particularly encouraged.

Organizers ---------------------------------------------------------


Kristin Lauter, Microsoft
Adrian Perrig, Carnegie Mellon
Radu Sion, Stony Brook (chair)
Gene Tsudik, UC Irvine
Moti Yung, Google Inc. 


Adrian Perrig, Carnegie Mellon University (PC co-chair)
Radu Sion, Stony Brook University (PC co-chair)

COMMITTEE (preliminary)

Steven Bellovin, Columbia
Christian Cachin, IBM Zurich
Jan Camenisch, IBM Zurich
Bogdan Carbunar, Motorola Labs
Jeff Chase, Duke
Weidong Cui, Microsoft Research
George Danezis, Microsoft Research
Xuhua Ding, Singapore Management University
Maria Dubovitskaya, IBM Zurich
Philippe Golle, Palo Alto Research Center
Markus Jakobsson, Parc
Yuecel Karabulut, SAP Office of the CTO
Yongdae Kim, University of Minnesota at Twin Cities
Kristin Lauter, Microsoft
Wenke Lee, Georgia Tech
Di Ma, University of Michigan - Dearborn
Patrick McDaniel, Penn State University
Peng Ning, NC State University
Cristina Nita-Rotaru, Purdue University
Dave O'Hallaron, Intel Research / CMU
Alina Oprea, RSA
Dimitris Papadias, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Anand Rajan, Intel
Tom Ristenpart, UCSD
Reiner Sailer, IBM Research
Pierangela Samarati, University of Milano
Matthias Schunter, IBM Zurich
Elaine Shi, PARC
Dawn Song, UC Berkeley
Wade Trappe, Rutgers University
Leendert Van Doorn, AMD
Giovanni Vigna, UCSB
Cliff Wang, US Army Research Office
Nicholas Weaver, International Computer Science Institute Berkeley
Peter Williams, Stony Brook University 

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