DOD struggles to define cyber war

DOD struggles to define cyber war
DOD struggles to define cyber war 

By William Jackson
May 12, 2010

As the Defense Department puts its new Cyber Command in place to defend 
the military information infrastructure, it also is wrestling with the 
nontechnical issues of defining cyber war and establishing a doctrine 
for cyber warfare, a top Pentagon cyber policy adviser said Wednesday.

James Miller, DOD principal deputy undersecretary for policy, pondered 
how the law of armed conflict applies to cyber war.

"It's clear that it does," he said, speaking in an Ogilvy Exchange 
national security lecture in Washington, But the military still has to 
establish what an act of aggression or an act of war looks like in 
cyberspace and decide on the rules for responding -- both digitally and 
physically -- when the line between hacking and warfare is crossed, he 

"We have a lot of efforts underway," Miller said. "We are trying to 
bring all of this together into a coherent strategy" that will begin 
coming out in the next few months. He said there will not be a simple 
one-sentence definition of what constitutes cyberwar, but that it will 
be an evolving concept based on history and on likely scenarios.


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