Mind Games by Richard Thieme - Hacker Stories and Beyond

Mind Games by Richard Thieme - Hacker Stories and Beyond
Mind Games by Richard Thieme - Hacker Stories and Beyond

"The only way you can tell the truth," a friend at NSA said to 
Richard Thieme, "is through fiction" ...

"Mind Games," by Richard Thieme, is a unique collection of 19 stories 
of brave new worlds and alternate realities - stories of computer 
hackers, deception and intelligence, puzzling anomalies, spirituality 
and mysteries of consciousness, the paranormal, UFOs, alien life forms 
- in short, everyday life in the 21st century. All have been previously 
published in literary, slipstream, and science fiction magazines and 
anthologies but have not been available in a single collection - until 

This first printing is beautifully illustrated and published by Duncan 
Long Publications and is available:

from the author, signed, for $23 ($20 + $3 mailing) - at PayPal or by check to Richard Thieme @ 
ThiemeWorks, PO Box 170737, Milwaukee WI 53217.

or directly from the printer: 

or from Amazon (for the Kindle and other e-readers any day).

Or your book store can order it through a national distributor, Ingram's 
or Baker and Taylor.

A few comments about Thieme's work:

"The depth, complexity, and texture of Richard Thieme's thought 
processes break the mold." Brian Snow, Senior Technical Director, 
NSA (ret)

"Thieme's ability to communicate complex, abstract concepts and 
personalize them is like verbal origami." - Jeff Moss, Director, Black 
Hat, a division of TechWeb/United Business Media, and a member of the 

"Silent Emergent, Doubly Dark" is ... very imaginative writing, with a 
complexity that raises [the story] to the fringes of slipstream. We're 
left wondering what's real and what's not ..." Steven Pirie, /
The Future Fire/

"Beautiful descriptions and intriguing concepts ..." The Fix (UK).

"Thieme's clarity of thinking is refreshing, and his insights are 
profound." Bruce Schneier, security technologist and author.

"Buy this book!" -- Robert Morris, Sr. Chief Scientist, NSA (ret), 
holding up /Islands in the Clickstream /at the Black Hat Briefings/. /

"The reader is left reeling, dizzy with insight." Robin Roberts, 
Information Security R&D, CIA (ret)

"Richard Thieme takes us to the edge of cliffs we know are there but 
rarely visit. He wonderfully weaves life, mystery, and passion through 
digital and natural worlds with creativity and imagination. Delightful 
and deeply thought provoking reading." - Clint Brooks, former Senior 
Advisor for Homeland Security and Assistant Deputy Director, NSA

"In his writing and speeches, Thieme has never let me down. Always 
informative, relevant, unpredictable and thoroughly entertaining ... 
.one of the great thinkers of the cyber-world." - Larry Greenblatt, 
InterNetwork Defense

Richard Thieme has used his skills as a writer and speaker forever. Born 
in Chicago, Illinois, Richard taught literature and writing at the 
University of Illinois, was an Episcopal priest for sixteen years, and 
has since 1993 traveled the world as a professional speaker, 
enlightening audiences from Berlin to Brisbane, Amsterdam to Auckland, 
on the impacts of various technologies on human identity, 
spirituality/religion, and security and intelligence. He also speaks 
about creativity, reinventing ourselves, and biohacking, the porting of 
hacking skills to biotechnology. His landmark talk, "UFOlogy 101," 
illuminates a much-maligned domain. His pre-blog column, "Islands in the 
Clickstream," was distributed to thousands of subscribers in sixty 
countries before collection as a book by Syngress, a division of 
Elsevier. His work has been taught at universities in Europe, Australia, 
Canada, and the United States. He lives with his wife, Shirley, in Fox 
Point, Wisconsin and can be reached at 

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