Stolen Bord Gais laptops not recovered

Stolen Bord Gais laptops not recovered
Stolen Bord Gais laptops not recovered 

By Caroline Madden 
May 26, 2010

None of the four laptops stolen from Bord Gais last year - one of which 
contained personal data on 93,000 customers - has been recovered yet, a 
Joint Oireachtas Committee heard earlier today.

Chief executive of Bord Gais John Mullins told the Oireachtas Committee 
on Natural Resources that he could not give "100 per cent assurance" 
that the personal information on the stolen laptop will not fall into 
the wrong hands in the future.

However, there is no evidence that anyone has accessed the data since 
the incident, he said.

One of the laptops stolen last June contained details such as bank 
account numbers and home addresses of people who had switched their 
electricity supply from the ESB as part of Bord Gais "big switch" 
campaign. Contrary to the company's policy, this laptop had not been 

The State-owned energy supplier was advised by garda that this was an 
"opportunistic" burglary, and "not someone looking for data", Mr Mullins 


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