Free apps install spyware on Macs

Free apps install spyware on Macs
Free apps install spyware on Macs 

By Elinor Mills
InSecurity Complex
CNet News
June 1, 2010

Mac users downloading free screensavers and a video converter app from 
several popular download sites also got spyware that installs a back 
door, collects data, and sends encrypted information to remote servers, 
security company Intego said on Tuesday.

The high-risk spyware, dubbed OSX/OpinionSpy, was being installed along 
with nearly 30 screensavers developed by a company called 7art and an 
app called MishInc FLV to MP3, according to a list compiled by Intego.

They were found on Softpedia, MacUpdate, and CNET-owned VersionTracker, 
according to a post on Intego's Mac Security Blog.

VersionTracker had removed all of the items on the Intego list by late 
afternoon. A MacUpdate representative said the company disabled the 
screensavers earlier on Tuesday and had never offered the MishInc 
converter. "Our users were discussing the software installed alongside 
the 7art screensavers as far back as March," the company said in an 
e-mail. Softpedia, 7art, and MishInc publisher Brothersoft did not 
immediately respond to e-mails seeking comment late on Tuesday.


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