IE6 Browser Remains Attack Magnet

IE6 Browser Remains Attack Magnet
IE6 Browser Remains Attack Magnet 

By Mathew J. Schwartz
June 1, 2010 

Want to improve your security profile? Start by eliminating any use of 
Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). The browser, now almost nine years old, lacks 
many of today's modern security features, and thus remains a magnet for 
online attackers.

But according to a new study, as of April 2010, more than one-quarter of 
all Web traffic still flowed to IE6 browsers. Still, that's an 
improvement over January 2010, when IE6 handled 34% of all traffic. 
Those findings come from a report released last week by Zscaler, a cloud 
security vendor.

There's hope: In the first four months of 2010, enterprises upgrading to 
IE8 jumped from 6% to 10%, "no doubt driven by high-profile zero-day 
attacks," according to the report.

Still, the fact that so many people continue to rely on IE6 represents a 
bigger security problem. "Whether employing black hat search engine 
optimization tactics, infecting legitimate sites or spreading fake 
antivirus software, [attackers] are repeating practiced and automated 
attack techniques that are succeeding with frightening efficiency," said 
Michael Sutton, Zscaler's vice president of security research, in a 


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