North hackers steal IDs to post Cheonan rumors

North hackers steal IDs to post Cheonan rumors
North hackers steal IDs to post Cheonan rumors 

By Yoo Jee-ho, Lee Young-jong
JoongAng Ilbo
June 2, 2010

North Korean hackers are using identity information purloined from South 
Koreans - including their resident registration numbers - to post 
diatribes on local message boards accusing the government of fabricating 
the probe results into the sinking of the warship Cheonan.

An intelligence source said yesterday North Korean hackers recently 
bombarded a message board at a South Korean online community site with 
posts claiming the government had made up the accusation against 

The source said the hackers have obtained personal information "through 
various channels" and their servers were likely based in Beijing. In 
order to write messages on Web portals in South Korea, one must be a 
registered user, and the 13-digit resident registration numbers are 
required for membership. The hackers have tracked down those numbers and 
corresponding names, and used them to open accounts on Web sites, the 
source said.

Authorities have been trying to crack down on rumors that the results of 
the probe into the Cheonan sinking were fabricated and used by Seoul to 
disgrace North Korea. Several "netizens" and left-leaning activists have 
been detained for questioning for allegedly spreading such rumors.


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