China faces increasing computer crimes: white paper

China faces increasing computer crimes: white paper
China faces increasing computer crimes: white paper   

BEIJING, June 8 (Xinhua) -- Computer crimes in China have been 
increasing in recent years, said a white paper titled "The Internet in 
China" issued on Tuesday.

The white paper, issued by the Information Office of the State 
Council,said the tendency of the combination of various traditional 
crimes and computer crimes has become gradually more obvious.

"Online fraud, online theft and other forms of crimes which encroach on 
the property of others are increasing rapidly," said the paper. "Crimes 
such as producing and spreading computer viruses, and computer and 
network hacking are increasing."

"Criminal activities such as disseminating obscenity, pornography and 
gambling are still pressing problems," the paper added.

According to the paper, public security departments dealt with 142 
computer crime cases in 1998, 29,000 in 2007, 35,000 in 2008 and 48,000 
in 2009.

In order to effectively combat computer crimes, the Chinese laws 
stipulate that criminal activities conducted by making use of the 
Internet or against the Internet shall be investigated and dealt with in 
accordance with the Criminal Law or other relevant laws.

"China is one of the countries suffering most from hacking, " said the 

According to incomplete statistics, more than 1 million IP addresses in 
China were controlled from overseas in 2009, 42,000 websites were 
distorted by hackers, and 18 million Chinese computers were infected by 
the Conficker virus every month, about 30 percent of the computers 
infected globally, said the paper.

"Chinese laws prohibit all forms of hacking," said the paper, adding 
that concerns about Internet security of different countries should be 
fully respected.

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