Military leaders warn of NK cyber attack

Military leaders warn of NK cyber attack
Military leaders warn of NK cyber attack 

By Jung Sung-ki
Staff reporter
Korea Times

Military leaders called North Korea's cyber threat "real," Tuesday, and 
said there was a high possibility it will conduct an attack on South 
Korean communication networks during the G-20 Summit to be held in Seoul 
in November.

In a speech at a cyber security conference in Seoul, Minister of 
National Defense Kim Tae-young said North Korea is focusing on cyber 
terror attacks against South Korea, including the distribution of false 
information to Internet sites to defame the South Korean government.

"Though an investigation showed the Navy ship Cheonan was sunk by a 
North Korean military provocation and more than 50 countries support the 
results of the probe, North Korea continues to distort the truth and try 
to discredit our government and military in the online community," Kim 

The annual Defense Information Security Conference was organized by the 
Defense Security Command (DSC).


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