1,000+ webpages poisoned in latest mass malware hack

1,000+ webpages poisoned in latest mass malware hack
1,000+ webpages poisoned in latest mass malware hack 

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
The Register
11th June 2010

Yet another mass compromise is hitting poorly configured websites, and 
at least one of the afflicted is a security site that plays up its 
prowess in warding off the very type of attack it has been smitten by.

At least 17 pages on were hit by a quick-moving SQL injection 
attack on Friday, including one titled "Understanding SQL Server 
Security Options," according to this Google search. More than 1,000 
pages belonging to a wide range of other domains were also compromised 
in the attack, which causes those who visit the links to connect to a 
server that tries to install malware on their PCs.

The mass attack is similar to one that struck at least 7,000 webpages 
earlier this week. They work by injecting database commands into search 
boxes and other user input fields on the sites. Because the underlying 
web applications fail to properly filter the content, they get passed to 
the site's backend server, where they are executed. The result is an 
iframe in the page that silently redirects users to a drive-by download 

The latest SQL injection attack pulls down a malicious javascript from, which according to anti-virus firm Symantec, downloads a 
serious threat dubbed "HTTP Microsoft IE Generic Heap Spray BO." 
was still active at time of writing.

Other websites to be hit by the attack included,, The Phuket Gazette and


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