Internet whizzes recruited to IDF intelligence unit

Internet whizzes recruited to IDF intelligence unit
Internet whizzes recruited to IDF intelligence unit,7340,L-3909528,00.html 

By Yossi Yehoshua

In each round of recruitments, the IDF aims to single out the most 
talented future fighters for its elite commando units, cadets' course, 
field units, and intelligence units. Now, the military is also seeking 
out youth who excel on the internet. The goal: to form a commando unit 
to protect Israel's virtual borders and beat back enemy infiltration 
into the country's databases from afar.
According to Yedioth Ahronoth, the new unit is part of the intelligence 
department in Unit 8200, which is in charge of intelligence collection. 
As part of the IDF's preparation for future warfare, cyberspace warfare, 
the new unit is slated to provide defensive and collection capabilities 
and in computer, network, and communications wars, as well as carry out 
other active operations.
Intelligence Chief Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin places great importance on the 
subject, and therefore decided to appoint as the unit's commander Col. 
A., former commander of the special technology unit of the military 
intelligence. He will answer directly to Brig. Gen. N., commander of 
Unit 8200.
The unit is currently searching out candidates for the unit from within 
the military and from computer and internet whizzes from the outside.


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