Hackers fleece online poker players

Hackers fleece online poker players
Hackers fleece online poker players 

JoongAng Daily
June 28, 2010

Police arrested 33 hackers who used a 'distribution of denial of 
service' program to cheat online poker players out of 55 million won 
($45,265) from last November through May.

The hackers, led by 30-year-old Yu and 29-year-old Kim, were booked 
without detention on charges of gaining illegal profits.

The Cyber Terror Response Center in Gyeonggi said the gang used a DDOS 
attack to infect 11,000 computers at 700 PC rooms across the country.

Police said Yu bought the "Netbot Attacker" program from a Chinese 
hacker last November, then sold copies online to Kim and others. The 
gang broke into the administrative systems of the PC rooms and installed 
the virus in their computers to allow them to see the hands of poker 

Netbot Attacker is one of the programs that attacked Korea.s major 
Internet sites on July 7, 2009, slowing down connection speeds 
throughout the country and disabling the major sites for six days. 
Recent versions of Netbot Attacker update too fast for security programs 
to keep up with them, but attempts to control DDOS attacks have inflated 
the price of the program from 3 million won to 15 million won in the 
last year.


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