A secure fort?

A secure fort?
A secure fort? 

By Corey Pein
Metro Spirit
Issue #21.49 
06/30/2010 - 07/06/2010

Following this month.s arrest of a Keysville man carrying two 
"flash-bang" grenades and other devices onto Fort Gordon, the Metro 
Spirit decided to revisit a story it ran in 2007 discussing some of the 
security issues on base.


AUGUSTA, GA -- A broken window, a stolen purse, a lost ID. For most 
people, this would be a headache.

For those in the military and intelligence business - which is quite a 
lot of people around here - it could be a serious problem, one that 
affects everybody.

The theft of a military ID becomes a potential hole in the security of 
Fort Gordon and the National Security Agency offices there.

Such thefts are common, judging by Richmond County Sheriff.s Office 
reports. Rarely does a week go by without at least one military-issued 
card reported lost or stolen, usually out of a vehicle.

No doubt many such thefts are run-of-the-mill acts of petty crooks 
looking for stereos or cash who wouldn't recognize the value of a 
military ID. But what concerns the Department of Defense are the 
professional underworld types who know what can be done with a ticket 
into a secure area.

A military intelligence report issued in 2005, first obtained by 
journalist William Arkin, reveals official concerns about a growing 
black market in stolen and counterfeit military IDs.


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