'US launching cyberwar against Iran'

'US launching cyberwar against Iran'
'US launching cyberwar against Iran'§ionid=351020101 

Press TV
04 July 2010

A top Iranian official says the United States has devised a model of war 
against Iran based on information technology.

"Americans have developed a model of war against Iran dubbed irregular 
war. It is focused on people and is completely different from classical 
wars," Head of the Iranian Passive Defense Organization Gholamreza 
Jalali was quoted by IRNA as saying on Sunday.

"Based on this model, they say, the government should be stripped of the 
power to rule the people and should be utterly desperate in critical 
times," added Jalali.

He underlined threats are currently categorized based on different 

"Today, there is talk of fourth-generation threats which revolve around 
information technology," added the official.

He underscored in cyberwar, it is technology which counts.

"In this war, soldiers cannot defend the nation, but technical experts 
and scientists are the ones who should repel it," Jalali stated.

He said a 'superpower' in terms of technology can influence other 

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