IT Official Blames N. Korea for Cyber Attacks

IT Official Blames N. Korea for Cyber Attacks
IT Official Blames N. Korea for Cyber Attacks 10070747078 

July 07, 2010 

North Korea was behind the cyber attacks that occurred a year ago 
Wednesday, according to a government IT source in South Korea.

The distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks paralyzed more than 
20 domestic sites including those of the presidential office and major 
portal sites.

On foreign media reports saying no evidence linked the North to the 
attacks, Jeong Seok-hwa, investigation director at the Cyber Terror 
Response Center in charge of the investigation, said, "No country 
including the U.S. could identify the origin of the DDoS attacks that 
occurred a year ago. Thankfully, the discovery by Korean investigation 
agencies has been the most credible so far."

On how he was sure that it was Pyongyang, Jeong said, "It might be too 
early to conclude this, but the facts so far have shown that the IP 
address used for the attacks was the same one rented by North Korea's 
Posts and Telecommunications Ministry from a Chinese Internet provider."


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