Hackers claim they can edit students' scores

Hackers claim they can edit students' scores
Hackers claim they can edit students' scores 

People's Daily Online
July 14, 2010

Hackers are claiming online they can break into computer systems 
belonging to universities and certification institutes and change the 
scores of students.

An online search in Chinese of "hackers editing scores" results in 
dozens of pages of hits. The hackers say they can change students' 
scores for a price - and charge between a few thousand yuan and more 
than 10,000 yuan for the illegal service, depending on the majors and 
universities involved.

A person answering the phone at one such site, who refused to reveal his 
name, told METRO he had helped several students. The slogan of his 
website was: "If you did badly in an examination, come to our hacker 

When asked whether he could change the score for a failed subject at the 
University of International Business and Economics, he said it would not 
be a problem after checking out the university's homepage.

The man was very cautious and asked for the caller's "student number" 
before he would reveal the price.


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