Internet takes DNSSEC on board

Internet takes DNSSEC on board
Internet takes DNSSEC on board 

By Maxwell Cooter 
15 July 10

The Internet is set to get a whole lot safer, the security standard 
DNSSEC is set to be assigned to the Internet's 13 root servers from 
later today.

It makes the end of a long trail; DNSSEC has been some years in its 
implementation yet has still failed to penetrate the wider market, 
despite the efforts of IETF, the Internet registries and the US 

Naming registry ICANN has been working with Verisign and the US 
department of commerce for some time to make DNSSEC a more integrated 
part of the Internet infrastructure. ICANN's DNS director, Joe Abley, 
said that the rollout of DNSSEC to the root servers had been a long one. 
"We Started rolling it since January - it's a slow rollout,. We've taken 
6 months to do this - it's not like in enterprises where you trial 
something and go live next week.

According to Daniel Karrenberg, chief scientist with European regional 
Internet registry RIPE-NCC, the assignation of DNSSEC to the root 
servers is going to take away a considerable burden from ISPs as it will 
eliminate a big maintenance headache. "Once DNSEC is assigned to the 
root servers, there's no longer any need for ISPs to do any 
configuration, they'll be able to verify DNS right from the top," he 
said. With this technology, Internet users will be able type a website 
address and be confident that the website being displayed is coming from 
an authorised server. He warned that the average users wouldn't notice 
much difference "There'll be no padlocks suddenly appearing on browsers, 
or anything like that," he said but he added that life should now be 
easier for service providers and T departments.


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