Which products top the list of security concerns?

Which products top the list of security concerns?
Which products top the list of security concerns? 

By Kurt Mackie
July 19, 2010

The majority of Internet security threats come from unpatched 
vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat/Reader and Microsoft's Internet 
Explorer browser, according to an industry study.

Those two programs topped a list of the "15 most observed 
vulnerabilities" on the Web, according to M86 Security's "Security Labs 
Report: January-June 2010 Recap," released this week. The 
vulnerabilities persist even though Adobe and Microsoft have issued 
fixes for the flaws. Some users apparently haven't applied the patches, 
which date back to 2006 in one case.

Topping the list of commonly unpatched vulnerabilities is the Adobe 
Acrobat/Reader "CollectEmailInfo" flaw, for which a patch was issued in 
2008. Next is the "deleted object event handling process" flaw in 
Internet Explorer, which had a patch issued this year. An "RDS ActiveX" 
flaw in Microsoft Internet Explorer ranks third on the list, even though 
a patch was issued in 2006.

All told, according to report, Microsoft Internet Explorer constituted 
five of the top 15 vulnerabilities, while Adobe Reader represented four 
of the top 15 vulnerabilities. M86 Security's complete list of 
vulnerabilities can be found in the report here (PDF download).


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