Huawei accused of corporate theft

Huawei accused of corporate theft
Huawei accused of corporate theft 

By Bill Ray
The Register
22nd July 2010

Motorola has accused its own engineers of sending confidential documents 
to the founder of Huawei, and claims that the receiving company was well 
aware that the information was stolen.

The case, filed in Chicago, is against the Lemko Corp and originally 
accused five former Motorola workers of taking their secrets with them 
when they moved to Lemko - a company that has a reselling deal with 
Huawei. But the case has now been amended to accuse named engineers of 
sending confidential documents direct to Huawei.

Motorola is pretty explicit: "Huawei and its officers knew they were 
receiving stolen Motorola proprietary trade secrets and confidential 
information without Motorola.s authorization and consent," according to 
Reuters' reporting of the complaint. A sent mail was apparently 
recovered from the engineer's computer, with attached documents bearing 
the "confidential" stamp.

It's not the first time Motorola and Lemko have been at odds - back in 
2008 a Motorola employee (who also seems to have been working for Lemko 
at the time) was picked up boarding a plane at O'Hare airport, on a 
one-way trip to China packing more than 1,000 Motorola documents and 
something in the region of $30,000 in cash too.


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