39 IOS unveils advanced cyber schoolhouse addition

39 IOS unveils advanced cyber schoolhouse addition
39 IOS unveils advanced cyber schoolhouse addition 

By Capt. Carrie L. Kessler
39th Information Operations Squadron

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla.  -- Members of the Air Force's sole information 
operations and cyber formal training unit celebrated a milestone July 
20, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the completion of the 
long-awaited 4,500 sq. ft. facility addition.

"We're at an all time high of graduating more than 480 students this 
year," said Lt. Col. Dean Clothier, 39th Information Operations Squadron 
commander. "We're moving from four to 10 courses and as we shift the 
undergraduate pieces to Undergraduate Cyber Training at Keesler Air 
Force Base, Miss., we'll grow more and more into mission qualification 
training which is made up of smaller teams of specialized training. This 
new type of training requires a new type of facility."

Along with instructing MQTs, the staff will also teach initial 
qualification training courses such as the unit's cornerstone 
Information Operations Integration Course as well as other influence 
operations and network warfare disciplines.

The new state-of-the-art facility will house 10 different network 
connections including classified and unclassified to accommodate the 
required training, video teleconference capability and nearly 200 
computers to facilitate the education of more than 60 students at one 

"Over the course of the last three to four years, the Air Force has gone 
on a journey developing cyber leaders and actually embedding cyber and 
IO activities into operations," said Col. Michael Convertino, 318th 
Information Operations Group commander. "It's a better and more 
efficient way of dealing with operations, and this facility is key to 

The group commander added that the 39th is at the leading edge of 
ensuring our warriors are trained properly in connection with the 
demands of operations we see every day.

"This facility will be agile," said Colonel Convertino. "There are a lot 
of courses here that will change fairly often and that's a good thing 
because the nature of our business changes almost daily."

The $1.3 million military construction project was made possible through 
the collaboration of the host wing and Air Force Space Command tenant 

"Hurlburt Field is a dynamic, aggressive growing base with mission 
growth that is reflected in facilities growth," said Colonel Clothier. 
"By plugging into the civil engineer and contracting squadrons here to 
rapidly execute this emergency MILCON project we're extremely grateful 
for the support and teamwork from the wing."

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