Saudis, BlackBerry-Maker Strike Deal

Saudis, BlackBerry-Maker Strike Deal
Saudis, BlackBerry-Maker Strike Deal 

Voice Of America News  
07 August 2010

Officials in Saudi Arabia say the country has reached an agreement with 
BlackBerry, avoiding a permanent ban on the smartphone's messaging 

The officials spoke Saturday on the condition of anonymity because they 
were not authorized to talk to the media.

They said the deal calls for the smartphone maker to install computer 
servers inside Saudi Arabia.  Saudi officials would then be able to 
access the servers and monitor messages in order to maintain security.

The officials said BlackBerry is in the process of installing and 
testing the new servers.

Saudi Arabia announced it would suspend messenger services Friday 
because the maker of the devices has failed to meet Riyadh's demands for 
access to encrypted information.

News organizations said BlackBerry users in Saudi Arabia reported 
temporary interruptions in service, but that many were still able to 
access the messenger service Friday in spite of the threatened ban.


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