Liberation Day Korea-Japan cyber battle brews

Liberation Day Korea-Japan cyber battle brews
Liberation Day Korea-Japan cyber battle brews

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By Christine Kim
JoonAng Daily
August 14, 2010

A second cyber battle may be brewing this weekend between Korean and 
Japanese Internet users, following on the first round of volleys in 
March, according to recent posts on popular community boards in both 

Netizens on certain Korean Internet clubs and cafes are calling for 
attacks on one of Japan=E2=80=99s most popular Web forums, 2channel, tomorrow, 
when Koreans will celebrate the anniversary of their liberation from 
Japan in 1945. Users on 2channel are also expected to retaliate.

On March 1, the anniversary of the Korean independence movement, Korean 
Internet users flooded the site with data requests, eventually forcing 
it offline temporarily.

The action is known as a distributed denial of service, or DDOS, attack, 
because it relies on a large number of attackers to overload 2channel by 
any means they could.


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