Kenyan firms pay heavy price for data safety lapses

Kenyan firms pay heavy price for data safety lapses
Kenyan firms pay heavy price for data safety lapses

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By Diana Ngaira  
Business Daily
August 16 2010 

Data has become an invaluable asset in every sector.

Yet even as the world=E2=80=99s businesses become interconnected by the same 
business language, developing nations face an extra cost burden through 
their almost complete negligence of information security, according to a 
2005 Information Economy Report from UNCTAD.

In a clarion call, a full five years ago, to take the value of 
information more seriously, the report urged criminalising of cyber 
attacks and the introduction of risk-management policies, as well as 
constant monitoring of ICT security regulations and the training of 
skilled staff to run effective security programmes.

The calls have had virtually no impact in Kenya, despite the country=E2=80=99s 
galloping growth in intellectual property and information held within 
businesses -- from client information, including card numbers and 
contacts, to sensitive company information such as log in details, 
mailing lists and security codes.

Not one company or public sector organisation in the country has yet 
implemented the globe=E2=80=99s international standards -- ISO/IEC 17799:2005 
and ISO/IEC 27001 -- dealing specifically with information security.


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