Cyberwar claims high-profile victim

Cyberwar claims high-profile victim
Cyberwar claims high-profile victim

Forwarded from: Simon Taplin 

By Phil Hazlewood 
Independent Online
17 August 2010

Mumbai - The "cyberwar" between India and Pakistan has claimed another 
victim, with the hacking of a high-profile lawmaker's website that 
experts say highlights the woeful lack of Internet security in South 

A group calling itself the Pakistan Cyber Army said it hacked into the 
website of independent Indian MP Vijay Mallya, a flamboyant liquor 
baron, who is also head of Kingfisher Airlines and the Force One Formula 
One racing team.

"This is payback from Pak Cyber Army in return to the defacements of 
Pakistan sites!" the message on said, 
according to Indian media. "You are playing with fire! This is not a 
game kids.

"We are warning you one last time. Don't think that you are secure in 
this Cyber Space. We will turn your Cyber Space into Hell," the message 
added, warning of "revenge" if Indians hack any Pakistani websites in 


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