With McAfee deal, Intel to bake in security

With McAfee deal, Intel to bake in security
With McAfee deal, Intel to bake in security 

By Elinor Mills 
InSecurity Complex
CNet News
August 19, 2010 

In the future, you may not have to buy antivirus software for your 
laptops and mobile devices if Intel is able to live up to the promise of 
integrating technology from acquisition target McAfee, experts said on 

In announcing its plans to acquire security company McAfee for $7.68 
billion, Intel executives said they see security as being as critical to 
computing as performance and connectivity and that they plan to combine 
security with its hardware and expand further into the mobile market.

While Intel has been pushing more and more functionality down into the 
chips, a marriage with McAfee will mark a shift away from the security 
firm's traditional product strategy, experts told CNET.

"Delivering security in Intel products and platforms is a huge departure 
from the way McAfee has delivered security technology in the past, as an 
add-on software product to an insecure platform," said Chris Wysopal, 
chief technology officer at Veracode. "This is where security needs to 
be, baked in."

The strategy dovetails nicely with the fast adoption of mobile devices 
and the more guarded move to cloud computing, where data is stored on 
remote servers instead of on local computers and accessed over the 
Internet, he said.


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