ICANN asks Demand Media for answers after report

ICANN asks Demand Media for answers after report
ICANN asks Demand Media for answers after report 

By Robert McMillan
IDG News Service
August 20, 2010

The group responsible for managing the Internet's domain name system is 
asking Demand Media's eNom division for answers following complaints 
from Internet security groups.

ENom, the world's second-largest domain name registrar, came under fire 
last week in a report from HostExploit, a volunteer-run anti-malware 
research group. According to HostExploit, eNom is host to an unusually 
large number of malicious websites and is a preferred domain name 
registrar for pharmaceutical spammers.

ICANN now says that it is looking into the matter, according to Kurt 
Pritz, senior vice president of services with the Internet Corporation 
for Assigned Names and Numbers. Typically, ICANN advises people with 
information on illegal activity to take their complaints to law 
enforcement. "However, given the serious nature of some of the 
allegations made in the HostExploit report, we will ask eNom for their 
response and will follow up as appropriate," Pritz said in a statement, 
e-mailed to IDG News Service.

HostExploit says that some eNom resellers are violating ICANN rules by 
allowing customers to provide false Whois database information, not 
following ICANN deletion policy and generally not complying with their 
obligations as resellers.


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