Cyber security ignorance

Cyber security ignorance
Cyber security ignorance 

JoongAng Daily
August 21, 2010

Leaked military information is becoming a common occurrence here in 
large part because of a lack of security awareness among defense 
officials, despite the increasing severity of cyber attacks at the hands 
of North Korean hackers.

Some senior defense officials have lost sensitive and classified 
information after transferring files to USB drives - even though the 
military prohibits the use of such technology to store data because it 
can easily be stolen.

Strong disciplinary measures are needed to ratchet up security awareness 
among defense officials.

According to a Defense Security Command report to the National Assembly, 
the number of military officials punished for violating security codes 
and leaking - both intentionally and accidentally - confidential 
military information has been increasing sharply every year. The number 
was 510 in 2005 and rose to 879 in 2006, 965 in 2007, 1,164 in 2008, 
1,512 in 2009 and 886 through the first six months of this year.

There have been some serious cases this year as well. The computers of 
13 soldiers stationed at one particular base were hacked from January to 
March, exposing 1,715 files.


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