Iranian Government Runs Public Warez Server

Iranian Government Runs Public Warez Server
Iranian Government Runs Public Warez Server

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By Ernesto
August 24, 2010 

The Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology is directly 
connected to the Iranian Government. Aside from evaluating and advising 
policy makers on science and technology issues, the largest research 
outfit in the country also provides a warez server where Photoshop, MS 
Office and many other applications can be downloaded for free, totally 
legal thanks to Iran=E2=80=99s lenient copyright policy.

In most of the western world the actions of the Iranian Government are 
often met with skepticism. Foreign governments get an uneasy feeling 
when Iran opens a nuclear facility, fearing it might lead to a nuclear 
arms program that would be an international threat.

Aside from nuclear issues, Iran has gained a bad reputation for 
censoring the public in its own country. These censorship issues reached 
new highs last year during the election protests, where the Government 
went as far as cutting citizens=E2=80=99 Internet access.

For copyright holders worldwide, the Iranian Government poses a 
significant threat. The country=E2=80=99s copyright law is set up to protect all 
copyrighted works produced by Iranians, but not those by creators from 
other countries.


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