State retiree data breached

State retiree data breached
State retiree data breached 

The News Journal 
August 31, 2010 

DOVER -- In a data breach that one security expert said could be worth 
millions of dollars to scam artists, Aon Consulting, the state's 
benefits consultant, inadvertently posted personal information of about 
22,000 state retirees on the Web, potentially exposing them to identity 
theft for the rest of their lives.

The information appeared on the state's procurement website from Aug. 16 
to Aug. 20, and included the retirees' Social Security numbers, dates of 
birth and gender. Their names were not included.

The company said it accidentally included the personal information in a 
request for proposals it had prepared to solicit bids from insurance 
companies interested in providing vision coverage to state employees and 

Insurers need age and other information on the pool of people to be 
covered in order to prepare a bid, Aon Consulting spokesman Joe Micucci 
said Monday. He said that is normally done by using a random series of 
digits assigned to individuals to shield their identity, not their 
Social Security numbers.

However, "the information that should have been randomized was not," 
Micucci said.


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