Symantec finally secures HackIsWack

Symantec finally secures HackIsWack
Symantec finally secures HackIsWack 

By John Leyden
The Register
6th September 2010

Symantec has belatedly secured its laughable HackIsWack competition 

The site - a collaboration between the security software firm and rapper 
Snoop Dogg - is designed to raise awareness about malware and identity 
theft by providing a forum for a user-generated cybercrime-themed rap 
competition. The site had a slow start, and currently boasts an 
underwhelming 22 videos.

Reg commentards have described the campaign as the most comically inept 
since the Don't Copy that Floppy anti-piracy screed of the 1990s, an 
earlier rap music meets security multi-purpose fail.

Even more embarrassingly the security giant went live with a branded 
site that was riddled with security holes, including a cross-site 
scripting flaw that amusingly lent itself to a rickrolling attack. In a 
statement issued over the weekend, Symantec acknowledged the problems, 
which it said were now resolved.


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