UK hacker fined for personnel database mischief

UK hacker fined for personnel database mischief
UK hacker fined for personnel database mischief

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By John Leyden
The Register
8th September 2010 

A court has ordered a UK hacker to pay compensation after he used a 
purloined laptop to hack into his ex-employer's personnel database.

Colin Parker, 31, gained unauthorised access to staff contracts 
containing salary details and emailed this to around 400 workers at his 
ex-employer, CHI and Partners. Parker's attempt to create bad feeling 
among workers at the firm was foiled by an alert sys admin, who 
intercepted and deleted the potentially incendiary emails.

Parker, who was found responsible for the theft of a laptop and given a 
conditional discharge*, agreed to pay his ex employer CHI and Partners 
=C2=A34,000 in compensation and =C2=A33,000 in prosecution costs to settle the 
case during a hearing at Southwark Crown Court on Monday. He is liable 
for 12 months' imprisonment if he fails to satisfy these conditions, a 
spokesman for Southwark Crown Court confirmed.


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