Vishing Scam Hits FDIC

Vishing Scam Hits FDIC
Vishing Scam Hits FDIC 

By Tracy Kitten
Managing Editor
Bank Info Security 
September 12, 2010 

Telephone-based phishing, or vishing scams  are quickly ranking among 
the most popular socially-engineered schemes perpetrated by fraudsters. 
The latest target: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which last week 
warned of a vishing scam that is duping consumers.

According to the FDIC's statement, the criminals behind the vishing 
calls allegedly told consumers they were delinquent in loan payments 
that had been applied for over the Internet or made through a payday 
lender. The loans may or may have not even existed, giving the vishers 
opportunity to collect personal information to confirm the authenticity 
of the loans. Recipients of the calls said the vishers requested 
everything from Social Security numbers to dates of birth.

The FDIC-related vishing scam is but one in a number of targeted vishing 
attacks reported in recent months - a reflection of the growing 
sophistication of the criminals who perpetrate socially engineered 


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