Data centre security needs rethinking: AFCOM

Data centre security needs rethinking: AFCOM
Data centre security needs rethinking: AFCOM 

By Tim Lohman 
13 September, 2010

IT Departments have been warned that their internal and external data 
centre providers may be far from being as secure as they may think due 
to a lack of serious approach to the risks associated with cyber 

Issuing the warning, The Strategic Directions Group director and data 
centre national practice manager, Mike Andrea, said many Australian data 
centres were unaware of, or had an apathetic attitude toward risks 
associated with cyber terrorism.

"The general consensus is that while major [terror] events do create 
media hype around the place and people get asked questions about what 
they are doing about it from a corporate perspective, many do not keep 
it front of mind in terms of true risk to the commercial entity," he 

Andrea, who is also external CIO for Springfield Land Corporation in 
Queensland, said that while a lot of focus was placed on digital 
security measures, as much focus needed to be placed on physical 

"Many organisations understand what a firewall does and what a VPN 
concentrator does and other logical protection mechanisms they put in 
place, but the physical security of a data centre, and access to that 
data centre or critical infrastructure attached to that data centre is 
as important as the information stored there," he said.


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