Advice to Security Pros: Learn Chinese

Advice to Security Pros: Learn Chinese
Advice to Security Pros: Learn Chinese 

By Upasana Gupta
Contributing Editor
Bank Info Security
September 14, 2010

Stephen Northcutt, CEO of SANS Technology Institute, has a piece of 
advice for up and coming security professionals. "Learn Chinese; you are 
going to need it."

Further, Northcutt advises, "Learn and live by the security axiom: 
protection is ideal, but detection is a must."

In an exclusive interview on careers in information security, Northcutt 
shares insights on:

    * On how he started his career;
    * Opportunities and gaps he sees in our professional training 
    * Advice to today's security practitioners.

SANS Technology Institute is a postgraduate level IT Security College, 
and Northcutt, its CEO, is an acknowledged expert in training and 
certification. He founded the Global Information Assurance Certification 
(GIAC) in 1999 to validate the real-world skills of IT security 
professionals. GIAC provides assurance that a certified individual has 
practical awareness, knowledge and skills in key areas of computer and 
network and software security.

Northcutt is author/coauthor of Incident Handling Step-by-Step, 
Intrusion Signatures and Analysis, Inside Network Perimeter Security 2nd 
Edition, IT Ethics Handbook, SANS Security Essentials, SANS Security 
Leadership Essentials and Network Intrusion Detection 3rd edition. He 
was the original author of the Shadow Intrusion Detection system before 
accepting the position of Chief for Information Warfare at the Ballistic 
Missile Defense Organization.


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