Group recommends joint NATO-Russia 'cyber' war games

Group recommends joint NATO-Russia 'cyber' war games
Group recommends joint NATO-Russia 'cyber' war games

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By Dan Goodin
The Register
16th September 2010

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Russia should undertake joint 
information-warfare exercises so the two countries can better protect 
critical digital infrastructure, policy wonks at an international group 

The proposal, which was included in a 32-page report released Wednesday 
by the EastWest Institute, would help the US and Russia achieve mutual 
goals in much the way that previous collaborations in the International 
Telecommunication Union (ITU) have, its authors argued.

=E2=80=9CIn the framework of NATO-Russia scientific cooperation, Russia and the 
United States should engage in reciprocal observation of and 
participation in simulations of cyber attacks,=E2=80=9D they wrote. =E2=80=9CAlong with 
the NATO partners, both countries should develop methodologies and 
standards for vulnerability assessments and ranking of critical 

It was one of four recommendations submitted in the paper, which was 
titled Russia, The United States, and Cyber Diplomacy: Opening the 
Doors. The paper's objective is for both countries' to work together to 
improve their digital security. The other recommendations are:


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