Is Stuxnet the 'best' malware ever?

Is Stuxnet the 'best' malware ever?
Is Stuxnet the 'best' malware ever? 

By Gregg Keizer
September 16, 2010

The Stuxnet worm is a "groundbreaking" piece of malware so devious in 
its use of unpatched vulnerabilities, so sophisticated in its 
multipronged approach, that the security researchers who tore it apart 
believe it may be the work of state-backed professionals.

"It's amazing, really, the resources that went into this worm," said 
Liam O Murchu, manager of operations with Symantec's security response 

"I'd call it groundbreaking," said Roel Schouwenberg, a senior antivirus 
researcher at Kaspersky Lab. In comparison, other notable attacks, like 
the one dubbed Aurora that hacked Google's network and those of dozens 
of other major companies, were child's play.

O Murchu and Schouwenberg should know: They work for the two security 
companies that discovered that Stuxnet exploited not just one zero-day 
Windows bug but four -- an unprecedented number for a single piece of 


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