How I got thrown out of an NSA party

How I got thrown out of an NSA party
How I got thrown out of an NSA party

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[Last NSA party I was at was pretty boring, it was full of NSA 
extroverts, they were too busy looking at everyone elses shoes!  - WK]

By Ellen Messmer
Network World
September 16, 2010

ORLANDO - The National Security Agency, America's high-tech spy agency 
and guru for military information security, is a secretive sort of 
creature that doesn't like to come out in the daylight, especially to 
deal with the media. So inviting the tech media, such as myself, to 
attend the NSA's first-ever "NSA Trusted Computing Conference and 
Exposition" was not an easy decision.

After all, they were letting some of their more prominent and smart NSA 
technical personnel out of the confines of places like Ft. Meade, the 
NSA headquarters, to talk about how much the agency wants to make use of 
commercial security products and virtualization -- and influence its 
development so it's good enough for the Top Secret mission-critical 
needs of the military.

But while the NSA had apparently decided to include the press at this 
first-ever conference, it was a decision fraught with much 
hand-wringing. Which leads me to tell you how I got thrown out of an NSA 
party =E2=80=94 a first for me, I might add.


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