Corporate espionage on the rise in India

Corporate espionage on the rise in India
Corporate espionage on the rise in India 

By Shilpa Phadnis & Mini Joseph Tejaswi
The Economic Times 
24 Sep, 2010

BANGALORE: Corporate espionage is on the rise in the country, with the 
digital medium offering an extremely fertile ground for its 

An increasing number of companies are also hiring private detectives to 
keep tabs on both their employees and business partners. Detective 
agencies says they are flooded with strange requests from companies to 
plant spies in rival firms, to fish for confidential data, engineering 
designs, software codes or to manipulate rate contracts to favour their 

"An entire gamut of corporate espionage is happening around us and it is 
a huge industry by itself," says cyber law expert and supreme court 
advocate Pavan Duggal. On an average, detective agencies get 5 to 10 
requests a day for such services. The fee could range from Rs 30,000 to 
a few lakh of rupees, depending on the complexity of the job.

"Such things are rampant and we get a lot of requests, though we do not 
entertain it as a matter of policy," says Ravi Kapoor, chairman of ACE 
Detectives. He says that usually a person is hired for the job who has 
access to passwords and other information. It could be a dataentry 
operator, security personnel or even a driver.

"Hiring spies is prevalent in IT firms, especially where big tenders are 
underway ," confirms Manpreet Sidhu, head of Top Secret Detective 


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