Lock Picking Popularity Growing

Lock Picking Popularity Growing
Lock Picking Popularity Growing 

By John Sawyer
Evil Bytes
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Sep 24, 2010  

As security professionals, it is easy to get focused only on the 
technical side of security and forget about the importance of physical 

The beauty of security and hacking, however, is that the thinking that 
goes into circumventing security controls on a computer system can be 
abstracted and applied to other areas like physical security--bypassing 
electronic access controls, circumventing physical security systems, and 
picking locks.

One of the always-popular areas during DEF CON is the lock picking 
village where attendees can try their hand at picking locks of all 
types. From padlocks to deadbolts, the lock picking village is a 
playground for those new to the practice, hobbyists, and those who treat 
it as a sport to see who can pick a series of locks the fastest.

I've not spent much time in the lock picking village in the past, but 
every year I have friends come back with new sets of lock picks, 
practice locks, and a passion for "hacking" locks. There has been an 
entire community that has sprung up from lock picking into what is 
called "locksport," and this year has seen a couple of new projects to 
help bring lock picking to the mainstream.

The first was the release of "Practical Lock Picking: A Physical 
Penetration Tester's Training Guide" by Deviant Ollam. This is a 
fantastic book that I highly recommend if you have any interest in 
physical security. It's a great reference and guide book for getting 
started with lock picking, learning how locks work, and really motivates 
you to want to get your hands dirty trying out the techniques covered in 
the book.


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