US military Cyber Command won't go operational as planned

US military Cyber Command won't go operational as planned
US military Cyber Command won't go operational as planned

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By Lewis Page 
The Register
30th September 2010

The US military's central Cyber Command will not become operational as 
had been planned tomorrow, according to Pentagon spokesmen. Issues 
responsible for the delay include difficulties finding suitably 
qualified staff among America's uniformed legions, and also the fact 
that it isn't even clear what "operational" means for a cyberforce.

The delays are reported by Stars & Stripes.

=E2=80=9CI don=E2=80=99t know that the 1 October deadline is holding strong and fast,=E2=80=9D 
military spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Rene White told the military 
paper, asked if Cyber Command would indeed be operational as US defence 
secretary Robert Gates had specified it should be.

Asked what "fully operational" would actually mean for the cyber 
command, the colonel replied: =E2=80=9CThat=E2=80=99s a good question."

Cyber Command, which is bossed by the head of America's feared National 
Security Agency (NSA) and has its headquarters at the same complex (Fort 
Meade in Maryland) was created to bring the nascent cyberwar forces of 
the separate American armed services together. These include the US 24th 
Air Force, Fleet Cyber Command, Army Forces Cyber Command and Marine 
Forces Cyber Command.


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