Cyber warriors could see less time at sea

Cyber warriors could see less time at sea
Cyber warriors could see less time at sea

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By Philip Ewing 
Staff writer
Navy Times
Oct 4, 2010

Navy leadership has plans in the works for more specialized 
computer-warfare careers, the fleet=E2=80=99s top cyber boss told Congress on 
Sept. 23, including the creation of what he called =E2=80=9Ccyber engineers and 
cyber warrant officers.=E2=80=9D

Vice Adm. Barry McCullough, head of 10th Fleet, told House lawmakers 
that the Navy faces a problem in recruiting and keeping the qualified 
sailors it needs for the oft-heralded new era of cyber-warfare, because 
it is competing not only against the other Defense Department services 
and the rest of the federal government, but also a high-paying private 

=E2=80=9CThere is no way DoD can compete with industry in the area of monetary 
compensation =E2=80=94 or salary, if you will =E2=80=94 but we can provide our people 
with opportunity for education and give them experience as leaders that 
cannot be matched elsewhere,=E2=80=9D he said.

McCullough said he thinks the Navy can combine incentives, training and 
the appeal of joining a global good-doing force to get its new 
generation of cyber specialists.


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