Russian 'Hackers' Busted by FBI

Russian 'Hackers' Busted by FBI
Russian 'Hackers' Busted by FBI 

By Natalya Krainova
The Moscow Times
06 October 2010

Eleven Russian students are among 20 people detained in the United 
States on suspicion of working for an international group of hackers 
that stole at least $70 million from bank accounts worldwide.

The FBI called the hacker ring "one of the largest cyber criminal cases 
we have ever investigated," but news reports said the Russian detainees 
were only underlings looking for easy cash.

Six Russian suspects were detained Tuesday, following an FBI 
announcement last week that five others had been charged, Rossia One 
state television reported, citing the Russian consulate in New York.

The consulate's third secretary, Alexander Otchaynov, told Kommersant in 
a story published Monday that one suspect, Margarita Pakhomova, was 
detained aboard a plane as she prepared to leave the United States on 
Sept. 16.

Another of the 11 suspects, Sofia Dikova, was detained in January at 
Newark's Liberty Airport with a pile of fake documents that the hackers 
used to open bank accounts, Otchaynov said.


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